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About Me

This weblog is established to serve as an academic blog under the name of Veysel Keleş as well as to exhibit my own experiences in English. I'm now a student at Karadeniz Technical University and this year (2008/2009) I have participated in Erasmus exchange program in Högskolan Dalarna in Sweden. My study subject is English Language and Literature. I'm planning to master on linguistics but as of now it is not settled yet. I have just one last year to graduate and complete my Bachelor degree at my home university in Turkey. Let's talk about me now. I've travelled more than ten countries during my erasmus program. It was a great opportunity for me to take a huge step further than my previous life and it has provided me lots of experiences and new points of view. I'm interested in taking photographs and video editing as well as surfing on the net. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time in front of computer, which I have to confess. It's also obvious that I love tr